May 12 marks the next anniversary of the death of Commander Piłsudski. I am asking everyone to participate in the anniversary celebrations and remember the password:

"Without August 6, 1914, it would not be November 11, 1918."

still valid.

I also use the opportunity to give you some information about this year's March:


As announced, preparatory work on the implementation of the new March banner is in progress. Despite the troubles, we hope that the task will be accomplished this year and during the ceremony in the Wawel Cathedral the banner will be devoted.

1. This year's celebrations will be held in Krakow on August 4-5.
We guarantee accommodation during these days.
2. The main Krakow celebrations will take place on August 4 and 5. Schedule at a later time.
3. For organizational reasons, we assumed that this year's Kadrówka will be attended by no more than 400 people, but participants applying for the existing rules will be divided into only three platoons. Recruitment of participants assigned to one of the platoons will be carried out in a different way. MORE ABOUT NEW ORGANIZATIONAL RULES IN THE NEXT COMMUNICATION.
4. Due to the announced number of participants, I announce that the priority in accommodation in the buildings have older people.
Other people sleep in tents.
5. The march schedule will be given in the next message, but we do not expect two nights' accommodation at Nida.
6. By limiting the bureaucracy, we keep only one application card in place of the previous two.
7. The entry form should be sent only in paper version (we are leaving the two versions, i.e. paper and electronic)
8. The website on which all materials, application forms, parents' declarations, T-shirts size chart are available, is the website of the "Jodła" Historical Reconstruction Association:
9. Any questions to the Commander in electronic form should be sent to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. We manage to keep the cost of March at last year's level:
- participants assigned to pedestrian platoons: PLN 250. The fee includes: food, luggage transport, accommodation, insurance and other resulting needs.
- Participants assigned to cavalry patrol and cavalry cavalry service: 30 zlotys fee. The fee covers only the cost of insurance, t-shirts and marching souvenirs. The sub-division catering and transport provides on its own.
2. We are leaving the application of shirt size in the application cards. We order them much earlier, and we receive most of the declarations after the deadline. T-shirts for the quantity and sizes resulting from the experience of previous years will be ordered "in the dark".
3. Application forms should be sent to the following address:
Dionizy Krawczyński 
Komendant Marszu Szlakiem „Kadrówki”
ul. Występy 20
29-105 Krasocin 

4. The fee should be transferred to a bank account:
Stowarzyszenie Rekonstrukcji Historycznych "JODŁA"
ul. Występy 20
29-105 Krasocin
Account number: 86 2030 0045 1110 0000 0251 5610
I am asking for the name and surname of the person to whom the payment relates.

LIV. Mar Trail
First Cadre Company
Dionizy Krawczyński

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